Stormwater harvesting from Roseworthy Industrial Estate

10th October 2018 | Mike Allen

Stormwater from development in Roseworthy Industrial Estate is captured in a 35 ML storage basin built in 2008 on Flett Road where most of it evaporates. To remain effective, the basin level has to be lowered by pumping to a drain further south, but that causes nuisance, so Bunyip Water is constructing a high-pressure pump station and 1km rising main to connect to the existing main at Thiele Highway. The pump will operate automatically to fill Eden Tank, and modifications will be made to the existing valves and controls to manage the additional flow, including when Hill Dam is already full. The amount of water is variable, and so is the quality, but the contents will be utilised for irrigation in Hewett and the western Barossa Valley in the coming summer.

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