Roseworthy Township Expansion approved (more water eventually)

10th November 2016 | John Gransbury

The Development Plan Amendment (DPA) to include the Roseworthy Township Expansion (RTE) was approved by the Minister of Planning today.

Light Regional Council saw the need for a regional water scheme that moves water from where/when it is not needed to where/when it is valued. So having facilitated stormwater harvesting from the Gawler River downstream of the Town of Gawler, it is no surprise their Desired Character for RTE states "harvested stormwater will be used for irrigation to improve the aesthetic and functional value of open spaces, including public access ways and greenways."

Developers of RTE will need to carefully manage the additional stormwater produced by urbanisation to ensure that flows are harvested for reuse. When HydroPlan began designing the scheme in March 2015, it built-in the future opportunity for capturing RTE stormwater. Initially the water produced will be low and unreliable, but as RTE develops it will become a good supplement to the rural catchment of the Gawler River.

Light Regional Council required that Bunyip Water include spare capacity in the Water Treatment Plant at pump station 3 which is at the southern tip of the RTE. Developers could take water from this WTP to irrigate the open space and reduce the drinking water needed.

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