Remodelling of Wingate Basin is underway

26th March 2016 | Bill Harding

Wingate Basin is being remodelled by McMahon Services from a 'borrow pit' into a 430 ML water storage dam. Wingate Basin is the hole left in the flood plain when the Northern Expressway needed soil to cross above the Gawler River. Light Regional Council saw the opportunity to create a stormwater harvesting facility, spawning the idea for the Gawler Water Reuse Scheme. HydroPlan's design takes the idea further by remodelling the basin into a dam so water can be pumped in quickly when floods allow harvesting to commence. A neighbour agreed to swap clay for sandier material in their paddock, and McMahon's skilled engineers created a large cutting for the large pumping manifold. The contract was awarded 27/01/2016 and it includes civil works for a large pumping chamber on the southern tip to harvest water.

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