Final milestone - commissioned on time, under budget

31th August 2016 | Don McQueen

The final funding milestone was reached today - on time and under budget, completing 6 months of design/approvals and 12 months of construction. It's been a huge effort by a large number of firms and people involved - and credit must go to HydroPlan's engineering design and construction management of over 100 separate contracts. It's remarkable that the walls of pump station 3 and 4 were still being assembled 3 weeks ago, and that three pump stations (2,3,4) had to be commissioned together as they are dependent on each other.

Pump station 5 at Lyndoch is the smallest station. The green shed is nestled amongst the vineyards it serves using water fed 7 km by gravity from Hill Dam. It is a fitting symbol of the end game of a fantastic project.

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