Early Water busts the drought

14th March 2016 | Mike Allen

The very dry conditions in this 2015-16 season have created severe water shortages for vineyards in the Barossa. But Wingate Basin needed to be drained for construction, and construction water was needed at Hill Dam - so the crazy idea of "Early Water" was born. Permission from the Principal was given to the foundation customer to temporary use the incomplete pipeline, provided that there was no impact to the cost, time or quality of the core project. At the foundation customer's cost, three diesel pumps in series were set up to lift water 200m over 28 km. A young team of 12 has kept them running day and night for 3.5 months until today, delivering 410 ML of desperately needed water. The efforts of all involved, and the generosity of neighbours and stakeholders has been legendary.

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