Contracts awarded for the construction of Wingate Basin and Hill Dam

26th May, 2016 | Don McQueen

Contracts for two key elements of the project were awarded in early 2016. McMahon Services are constructing the Wingate Basin and Exact Contracting are constructing Hill Dam.

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Installation of main pipeline completed

26th May, 2016 | Don McQueen

Leed commenced construction of the main pipeline (45kms) on 28th September 2015 and completed the work in on 18th December 2015. Leed’s innovative construction methodology allowed them to achieve an average installation rate of 3.75 km per week. The pipeline has undergone initial testing and will be fully commissioned when integrated into the overall system in mid-2016.

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Contract Awarded for Pipeline Contract

3rd September, 2015 | Don McQueen

Following a tender and evaluation process, a contract for the construction of the main pipeline was awarded to Leed Engineering & Construction Pty Ltd on 28th August 2015. Leed are a South Australian owned company and Bunyip Water looks forward to working with them on this exiting project.

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Tenders Released

29th June, 2015 | John Gransbury

Five pipe-laying specialists have been invited to bid on the work to construct the pipeline. A requirement of funding is that contractors who are awarded contracts over $3m are accredited by the Federal Safety Commissioner.

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Approval Processes

11th June 2015 | John Gransbury

Wherever the pipeline crosses a waterway a Permit for a Water Affecting Activity is required. Officers from DEWNR have inspected waterway crossings including this one at Greenock Creek. The suspended poly pipe in the foreground is not the GWRS. The GWRS will be much larger and buried!

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Native Vegetation Assessment

19th May 2015 | John Gransbury

Experts surveyed the native vegetation along the route to determine where the biodiversity risks are and how to manage them. A procedure has been developed from previous HydroPlan projects for reducing impact on native grasses where pipelines were laid on road reserves.

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Parliamentary Visit

22nd April, 2015 | Don McQueen

The Federal Minister for Agriculture, The Hon. Barnaby Joyce MP visited the Barossa Valley on Thursday, April 16 and was accompanied by Senator Sean Edwards, Senator for South Australia.

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Geotechnical Investigations

16th April 2015 | John Gransbury

Two dams are proposed for storing the water after it is captured in winter. Geotechnical investigations have been conducted by FMG Engineering to determine the presence of clay and rock primarily.

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Green Light for Scheme

9th April 2015 | Don McQueen

On the 31st March 2015 Light Regional Council resolved to proceed with the project. For details refer to the media statement issued by Council on 8th April 2015. Articles subsequently appeared in a number of newspapers including The Bunyip, The Leader, The Barossa Herald, The Advertiser, The Stock Journal and the Barossa Valley Leader.

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